Forged & Cast Steel Grinding Balls

Our forged steel balls are manufactured with quality at the forefront of our supply policy.  We manufacture balls to each of our each client’s individual delivery, size and materials specifications requirements. 


As with all our products, we offer solutions.  We develop delivery plans around your consumption rates versus your inventory capacities to ensure that our plant delivers to meet your usage needs, avoiding downtime.


Forged Steel Balls:

Aquila offers ball sizes from 25mm to 130mm with hardness ranges for all balls from 56HRC surface hardness to 60HRC.

Cast Steel Balls:

Our size range is from 20-150mm with a range of Chrome properties from 22-32% to 1.5-3.0.  Hardness ranges 50-65 HRC up to and including 100mm dia and 45-60 over 100mm 

High & Low Chrome Grinding Cylpebs:

We offer size ranges from 16*16mm to 35*45mm dimensions in both High Chrome (7.0-12.5%) and Low Chrome (0.5-3.0%) with hardness ranges of 56-62 and 45-50 HRC respectively.