Mining Chemicals

Our company strategy requires that we align with the best chemicals manufacturers.  We offer supply of high quality mining chemicals from our partner, a Chinese/American JV with a 90% export ratio.


In addition to our range of standard mining chemicals, we offer alternatives to several environmentally-unfriendly chemicals.  As the industry moves towards a higher consideration of risk and CSR policies, here at Aquila we have included in our portfolio substitutes for chemicals that have the potential for adverse HS and environmental impacts.  Our 3 main substitutes are:


Sodium Cyanide substitute:

  • Not classed as HAZMAT for transportation:
  • Lower transit cost
  • No complicated permitting required
  • High Recovery Rate
  • High Leaching Rate & Shorter Leaching Time
  • High Recycling Rate
  • Stable Performance
  • Less Dosage
  • Less Cost of Risk Management
  • Low Toxicity
  • Environmentally Friendly

Xanthates, Frothers and Flocculants


Copper Sulphate and other mining chemicals

Acids and liquids


We are able to offer proven substitutes for many proprietary brands too, including MIBC and popularly-used frothers and flocculants.


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