Prolog Supply & Services Ltd



Prolog Supply & Services (PS&S) supports Aquila in two ways:

1. A provider of procurement services to mining companies worldwide:

  • Outsourced Procurement Support 
  • Logistics management
  • Expediting & Inspection
  • Consulting and advice
  • Temporary Specialists and Personnel
  • Change Management Support
  • Special Projects

Supply Chain is time-consuming and employs valuable resources, which may utilised more effectively in value-adding projects and work that add value.


Aquila in partnership with Prolog is able to remove this burden and provide practical solutions.  As a partnership, we have experience in every aspect of mining procurement from complete drilling programs through to construction, plant re-development and operations.  We are able to accomplish all of the planning for materials supply including:

  • Development of Procurement and Logistics Policies and Procedures
  • Analysis and Optimisation of Existing Policies and Procedures
  • Global Sourcing and Pre-Qualification Management
  • RFQ’s, RFP’s and Tender Management
  • Bid and Tender evaluation
  • Contract Awarding and Preparation
  • Logistics Analysis, Planning and Management
  • Supplier Management and Development
  • Contract Management
  • Contract Termination Management

2. Supplier of materials and equipment from UK, Europe and the primary mining supply countries of the world


Aquila's specialism is supply of mining materials and equipment sourced from China.  Many of our customers also require materials and equipment from elsewhere and our relationship with Prolog allows Aquila to provide this important service, either through our offices or directly with PS&S.


For supply chain services and supply, contact us or our strategic colleagues in UK today for your procurement and logistics requirements.   Our aim is to support and to allow you to dedicate your time other important business.