Our Partners

As seasoned procurement and supply specialists at Aquila we take a lot of factors into consideration when selecting our partners. We align ourselves with organisations that harmonise with Aquila's standards, ethics and principles.


Our core business is supply to the mining industry and we develop resources to add value to the benefit of our clients.  As specialists, our partners undertake tasks that we believe are sufficiently important to require outsourced experts.  We build long term relationships to the benefit of both of our organisations, To provide maximum support ans service to our customers.


Chris Brodie founded Aquila Limited in 2006, now under family management.  Chris spends his time as a specialist mining supply chain consultant, successfully undertaking projects worldwide.  His capabilities and experience in this specialist field cover more than 40 years and his proven capabilities and testimonials ensure that he supports his clients with a level of expertise second to none.

His website and contact details may be viewed at www.chrisbrodieconsulting.com and his email address is cjb@chrisbrodieconsulting.com

Mining Supply Chain Consulting
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