February 2017

Negotiations in progress with our Turkish agent for ceramic balls that recently passed tests.


Chrome balls in transit to Trabzon

January 2017

Chrome balls for Turkey were despatched from Qingdao Port, China.


December 2016

Chrome balls for our Turkish customer in production at our factory in China.


Lime and mill balls tender for 2017 issued by a customer in West Africa. Offer submitted on time with special payment terms.


Tests of ceramic balls in Turkey were successful.

November 2016

Won a trial order of 21.6 tonnes of high chrome steel balls for our client in Turkey. Requested delivery March 2017.


Burkina Faso client has commenced testing our lime.


Ceramic balls in Turkey are still being tested.

October 2016

Our 250 kg sample of hydrated lime was received in Burkina Faso by our client and they have declared it to be of excellent quality. We are preparing an offer for long-term supply.


2 containers of quicklime have arrived in Burkina Faso for another client and will be tested shortly.


Two separate shipments of trial ceramic balls are under test in Turkey with 2 separate clients.


September 2016

A 250 kg sample of lime was despatched by courier from our factory in Vietnam to a new client in Burkina Faso


Ross and Chris Brodie attending Mining Exhibition in Almaty, Kazakhstan from 14-16 September. Ross is a participant for this event and other meetings as part of UK Trade & Industry (UKTI) visit to Kazakhstan 


Ross and Chris attended Mining Exhibition in Almaty Kazakhstan on 14 September


Ross and Chris delegates at UKTI mining trade mission to Kazakhstan during Week 37

August 2016

2 containers of lime for trial purposes arrived at Abidjan port at the end of the month and will be shipped on to Burkina Faso.


A 200 kg sample of ceramic balls in a range of sizes was despatched by courier by our factory in China to a new client in Turkey

July 2016

A trial order of one full 20ft container of ceramic balls has been ordered by a Turkish client.


2 containers of lime for trial purposes are in transit by sea to West Africa

June 2016

The trial order of 2 containers of lime was ordered and supplied by our Vietnam factory for our West African client

May 2016

Aquila has won a trail order to supply 50 tonnes of hydrated lime from its factory in Vietnam to a new client in Burkina Faso, West Africa

April 2016

Aquila is pleased to announce that, with its representative in Turkey (see January 2016 news below), an agreement was concluded with Karula Endustri ve Muhendislik Sa. Tic. Ltd. Sti., in Istanbul. The company has been formed by senior Turkish executives with many year's Turkish and international experience in both operational mining companies and mining supply companies. 

We look forward to a successful partner ship.

For further information, please contact

March 2016

Aquila's founder and director, Chris Brodie, visited Turkey this month and visited several potential clients. He was in Turkey to speak at an international finance conference on regional logistics.


Chris's week-long trip is aimed at establishing close relations with his representative and to further Aquila's marketing ambitions in this important mining country, already buying substantially from Chinese mining suppliers.

February 2016

It was recognised late last year that a collector supplied over 2 years from our factory in China not only reduced costs for our European mining client but, when used with another more expensive product, was more efficient. 


Tests we conducted at a world-renowned laboratory in Ankara Turkey revealed that lab tests confirmed these findings with a range of ores.


Our collector will trialled further in mining production in Turkey to save our clients money and to increase productivity.

January 2016

Aquila signs a deal in Turkey to market its products throughout the country

Contact Ross for further details

November 2015

Ross is in Ouagadougou this week.  Contact him for a meeting while he is there or make plans to meet on his next visit.  Ross's email address

November 2015

Ross is visiting Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso next week to promote Aquila products and to meet with clients concerning our consortium in preparation for mining chemicals and grinding media from China.

November 2015

Ross visited Almaty to promote Aquila business in Kazakhstan

October 2015

Ross is working with a group of mining companies in West Africa on a consortium for the supply of mining chemicals and grinding media.  He will be visiting West Africa in November

June 2015

Ross Brodie has joined the company as General Manager with the aim of expanding Aquila's business.

December 2014

A visit to China to strategic partners in 5 cities resulted in successful negotiations, which ensures the award of 2-year contracts for grinding media.

A second visit was also made to our mining chemicals factory in Shenyang and Aquila is now able to offer chemicals worldwide.

November 2014

Provided that Aquila can successfully negotiate terms for grinding media supply with steel and ceramic factories, contracts for 2015 and 2016 will be signed with our largest customer.

This means that all our customers will benefit from best possible prices.

October 2014

Negotiations have commenced with our customers for the supply of grinding media for 2015

June 2014

Production increases at a major Albanian customer has increased this year.  Aquila has easily been able to meet this increased demand on time. 

January 2014

Our two week visit to our supply partners in China was successfully concluded in January 2014, concluding contracts fro the supply of steel and ceramic grinding media for 2014